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U.S. Cellular® Online Album is a FREE tool that lets you to store and share your favorite images and media.

Organize your image or media files into albums, invite your friends and family to view them, share them on your favorite social networking sites or edit them to add fun effects, crop, reduce red eye, and more.


Here's how to start using your online album.

  1. 1 You must have U.S. Cellular Picture Messaging service.
  2. 2 Send in a picture from your U.S. Cellular wireless phone to telephone number 4444 (or select send to album on some phones) to receive a text message with your login instructions.
  3. 3 Go to www.uscconlinealbum.com and login to activate your account.
  4. 4 You can now send your pictures to telephone number 4444 and they will go to your free* online album!

* Normal Picture Messaging rates apply for pictures sent from your phone to the online album. All other album services and features are free! Must be 13 yrs old to create an online album account.